In-Depth AudioEye Review: The Best Website Accessibility Solution?

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An estimated 15% of the global population lives with some form of disability that impacts engagement with digital properties. Yet astonishingly, a mere 1% of websites support tools benefiting people living with disabilities.

This motivates companies like AudioEye to develop cutting-edge accessibility solutions that allow individuals to have exceptional online experiences regardless of physical, environmental, or other restricting challenges.

But does AudioEye deliver as promised? This in-depth AudioEye Review assesses all facets to determine the effectiveness of supporting ADA web compliance, unique value, and real user experiences implementing AudioEye software.

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Understanding AudioEye’s Purpose

Launched in 2005 by patent inventor Nathaniel Bradford, AudioEye aims to allow all users — including those with auditory, visual, motor, and cognitive issues — equal access to digital content and complete confidence in participating in e-commerce. This AudioEye review looks at how the company achieves its goals.

AudioEye performs automated remediation on websites to achieve this, detecting and resolving coding barriers that negatively affect those interacting via assistive technologies.

AudioEye generates alternative text, tag connections, and captions video, optimizing reading order and site navigation. From live read-aloud to magnified interfaces, this pioneering solution opens websites to an audience too commonly cut off. 

Ensuring Compliance: Is AudioEye ADA-Compliant?

The Americans with Disabilities Act delivers explicit standards for digital equality regarding functionality, readability, and overall user experiences. 

AudioEye optimization satisfies these requirements. AudioEye-scanned websites earn trusted independent certifications like Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) testing for comprehensive barrier prevention against legal consequences or complaints. Clients gain essential coverage with full-service guidance, ensuring audited compliance from the start through continuous upkeep.

Evaluating AudioEye’s Legitimacy

Boasting acknowledgment from Microsoft and the US Department of Justice for advancing the rights of individuals with disabilities globally, AudioEye leads its niche. 

The software integrates robustly with top content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Sitecore while offering proprietary manual testing, automatic remediation, and personalized on-demand training, realizing digital inclusion for all users. AudioEye continuously exceeds WCAG expectations for credibility, supporting ADA web equality standards legally and equitably.

Top AudioEye Features and Benefits

Speaking to effectiveness in lifting barriers, these AudioEye characteristics define its ascent as an accessibility leader:

Logic Integration & Rules Engine 

Proprietary algorithms drive automated repair of code deficiencies behind the scenes after seamless CMS installation. The rules engine self-learns, identifying increasingly nuanced issues affecting site performance.

Alternative Text Insertion 

Scans flag images sans descriptive tagging for screen readers, prompting insertion so visually impaired visitors understand graphics through processed language.

Navigation Remediation 

Adjusts reading/tab order, correcting illogical sequences resulting from poor coding that hinders simple site usage for keyboard-only users.

Contrast Checking 

Tests color contrast ratios as users navigate, flagging combinations difficult to decipher by those with limited vision. AudioEye suggests accessible alternatives.

Cloud Translation 

AudioEye software narrates webpage content on-demand in over 100 languages. This aids visual comprehension for multiple audiences.

While founders first envisioned those with visual disabilities benefitting most profoundly from AudioEye’s efforts to maximize accessibility, advantages spread much further:

Expanded Audience Reach & Participation

Barrier-free environments promote engagement from all people regardless of tech-interaction challenges tied to age, literacy, or disability. AudioEye-verified sites welcome more visitors.

Enhanced Brand Reputations

Committing to inclusive web access reflects corporate ethics prioritizing diversity/equality for customers. It signals caring through action.

Future-Proofing Against Litigation

With ADA website lawsuits over online discrimination accelerating, minimizing penalty risks and negative PR protects brands in the long term.

Search Engine Visibility Lifts

Accessible sites earn higher rankings, driving discovery and conversions. AudioEye bakes SEO best practices into remediation for visibility boons.

AudioEye Unique Selling Points

While nominal competitors exist, none holistically address web access as AudioEye does. Key differentiators making AudioEye premier include:

Foundational Accessibility Positioning

Emerging as an early authority advancing equality rights online over 15 years gives AudioEye an unmatched legacy advantage, bettering digital experiences for people living with disabilities globally.

Patent-Backed Automation

AudioEye’s patented fixing-as-you-go approach stays ahead of accessibility shortcomings in perpetually evolving online ecosystems rather than relying solely on manual testing and human updates.

Certified Ongoing Peace of Mind

The Trustmark seal certifying sites as permanently accessible, compliant, and actively monitored against Digital Accessibility Laws provides ethical relief while deterring litigation.

CMS Integration Agility

Seamless integration with leading content management systems makes adoption frictionless. AudioEye happily customizes implementations for unique platforms or setups as well.

Potential AudioEye Shortcomings

While landmarks propelling equality should be celebrated, even heroes have limitations. Two principal areas spur improvement considerations for AudioEye:

Premium Cost: Pricing surpasses essential web accessibility tools. However, premium protection, certified compliance, and automated remediation offset the greater investment.

Cryptic Dashboard: The administrative backend presents somewhat overwhelming data needing more context. It’s geared more toward developers than the average user. Still, setup wizards guide users through the required steps decently.

AudioEye in Action

Vast recognizable brands actively employ AudioEye to expand audiences. 

Customers span major universities like Arizona State and Notre Dame to media outlets including PBS and Weight Watchers, Fortune 500s such as ADP and Cigna, and public entities like and the US House of Representatives.

Real experiences shared on trust platforms verify AudioEye’s effectiveness firsthand:

“AudioEye tool eliminates the complexities of web accessibility. It simplified achieving WCAG compliance completely hands-off. We handle millions of visitors monthly confident everyone enjoys access now thanks to AudioEye.” — Motley Fool.

“We exist to help those struggling with substance abuse. Ensuring everyone can use our site was pivotal, but medical professionals aren’t coding experts. AudioEye enabled us to reach and support more people by automatically identifying and fixing trouble areas. It’s wonderful technology bettering lives.” — Partnership to End Addiction.

Pricing & Value Proposition

AudioEye offers several pricing tiers suitable for organizations with different needs and budgets. Core plans include:

AudioEye provides various pricing tiers suitable for organizations with different budgets and needs. They offer three core plans, including the Starter Plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise Plan. 

The Starter Plan is designed for websites with up to 2,500 pages and costs $99 monthly. It includes automated accessibility scans, manual testing and support, and customized mobile accessibility. 

The Pro Plan is ideal for websites with up to 5,000 pages and costs $169 monthly. It includes everything in the Starter Plan, advanced reporting and analytics, and priority customer support. 

The Enterprise Plan provides a custom quote for large and complex websites and offers premier-level service and support, including an account management team and assistive technology testing. 

AudioEye also has a Non-Profit Accessibility Program that provides qualifying non-profits with the Pro Plan for free, enabling their digital accessibility and inclusion goals. 

AudioEye’s unique and automated approach to accessibility and proven solutions make their pricing compelling. It is especially beneficial for organizations that require certified compliance and protection from legal risks. With reasonable rates, proactive accessibility is attainable at various levels.

Behind the Scenes: AudioEye Company Profile

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, NASDAQ-traded AudioEye, Inc. oversees around 50 employees focused on sustaining digital equality gains for users with disabilities globally across 191 countries. 

AudioEye Delivers Impressive Value

AudioEye has rightfully earned its status as a key player in making digital spaces more accessible, especially for those with disabilities. This AudioEye review highlights how their automated processes are crucial in identifying and rectifying website technical issues.

By ensuring continuous legal compliance, AudioEye provides essential protective measures for organizations. This not only offers peace of mind regarding website accessibility but also ensures that access is never compromised.

For organizations prioritizing ethical operations, the value of AudioEye goes beyond measurable metrics. It lies in the goodwill generated and the broader audience engagement fostered by such a commitment to equality. Specifically, in terms of functionality, AudioEye excels by streamlining web accessibility through its innovative automated solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About AudioEye

Here are some of the most common questions about AudioEye.

What types of disabilities does AudioEye cater to?

AudioEye is designed to cater to a wide range of disabilities, including auditory, visual, motor, and cognitive impairments, ensuring a more inclusive digital experience for all users.

Can AudioEye be integrated with any website?

AudioEye is compatible with various content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Sitecore, making it adaptable to most website platforms.

How does AudioEye impact site loading speed?

AudioEye is designed to have a minimal impact on site loading speeds, ensuring that accessibility enhancements do not compromise website performance.

Is AudioEye a one-time setup, or does it require ongoing maintenance?

AudioEye offers automated remediation and continuous monitoring, requiring minimal ongoing maintenance once set up.

Are there any industries or sectors where AudioEye is particularly beneficial?

AudioEye is beneficial across various sectors, especially in education, e-commerce, healthcare, and government websites where accessibility is crucial.

How does AudioEye handle updates to web content?

AudioEye’s automated system continuously scans for changes and updates in web content to ensure ongoing compliance and accessibility.

Can AudioEye help in improving a website’s SEO?

Since search engines favor accessible websites, implementing AudioEye can improve SEO.

What is the process for resolving issues identified by AudioEye?

AudioEye identifies and often automatically rectifies accessibility issues. For more complex issues, it provides recommendations or direct assistance.

How does AudioEye ensure privacy and data security?

AudioEye is committed to user privacy and data security, adhering to stringent data protection standards and regulations.

Is there a trial period or demo available for AudioEye?

Interested users can contact AudioEye for information about trial periods or demos to experience the service before committing.

Are there any alternatives to AudioEye?

AudioEye is among the top 3 most popular solutions. Other alternatives to consider are UserWay and AccessiBe. Check out our UserWay review and our AccessiBe review here.